Reinventing You . . .

Dorie Clark is the author of “Reinventing You”.  This book was recommended to me at a perfect time.  Clark offers great tools for self-assessment, branding and designing your career path.  One of her suggestions was to define where you are in order to map a path for your future.

My role changed from bedside to corporate nearly a year ago.  There have been many struggles and some victories.  What I have enjoyed most is the new challenges, the opportunity to lead and creating new skills.  In some areas I have been very successful and in others there is a tremendous opportunity for learning and growth.

Clark suggested conducting a 360 interview.  I was unfamiliar with the 360 concept.  The interview is conducted with peers, managers, top executives and members on your team.  My human resources (HR) department had everything in place to conduct the survey. They designed questions they thought would provide the best feedback.   At my company, the information is obtained via an anonymous survey.  My manager and HR manager will compile results and review them with me.  I also took the survey to compare how I view myself versus how others do.

GULP!  I am thankful for my moment of bravery and requesting the information.  It is scary putting myself out there.  However, I realize that this is an important step for personal and career growth.  I have taken the process one step further.  Recently, I knocked on a few  doors for face-to-face feedback.  Some information surprised me.  Other information added valuable advice on things I was already working on.  The entire 360 report will be available in March.

My question for you is, are you where you want to be today?  Perhaps a 360 interview is a good next step for you.  If you don’t have the resources of your HR department to guide your exploration, you can call on friends and trusted associates.   The time you invest in learning about yourself may be the best next step in creating the identity you desire and building your career.

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