Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg wrote the book called “Lean In”.  It talks about the struggle that women have in the workplace.  Although many may think it is a bra burning book, it is really an honest observation about some of the challenges that women face in the workplace.

The thing I like best about the book is that it inspired a movement called “Lean In Circles.”  A circle is a group of women coming together to support each other, challenge each other, share stories and work together.

We started a Lean In circle at work.  I love it!  I share with other women leaders in an honest and open format.  It is so helpful hearing what challenges others are facing and how they have dealt with them.  It has helped me to form new connections and to really learn about myself.

If you have not read the book, it is a good, quick read.  However, it is important to take the next step.  Form your own Lean In Circle.  Support each other and watch yourself grow.

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4 Responses to Lean In

  1. My best friend bought me ‘Lean In’ and I loved it! We spent hours talking about its merits and both feel really encouraged after reading it. I actually started my blog mumslashtownplanner.wordpress.com as a ‘virtual’ Lean In circle to document my life as a new full-time working mother! And to connect with and inspire other similar young women.
    Glad I came across your blog!

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