Marketing within your organization

I had the privilege of attending a marketing seminar with my company today.  It was wonderful having all of the creative minds within our company combine with creative geniuses that work with us.  I listened intently to ideas, strategy, goals and direction for the new year.  Statistics pointed out what was working and where we could improve.  This was my first exposure to an exiting part of business.

My favorite part of the day was our breakout sessions.  After a brief ice breaker we collaborated on a SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weakness and Threats) Analysis.  Brainstorming together, we were able to uncover problems, suggest solutions and carefully plan our short and long term goals.  The time we spent planning the year ahead is essential for determining our path.  The creative genius of  combined efforts was exciting!

As I reflected on my day, I realize that marketing yourself is much like marketing within your organization.  What is your plan for the year?  Have you taken the time to evaluate what worked last year and what didn’t?   How much time have you spent focusing on your short and long term goals?.  Did you actively plan steps to meet those goals?  Share your plans. Enlisting support and help from others is essential.  A vision for yourself is as important as the vision for your company.

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