Fitting in the MBA

My new corporate role keeps me hopping!  My days are filled.  My company does a great job teaching me what I need in order to be successful.  In addition to having a resourceful manager, I have access to other corporate leaders.

After my first few months in the job, my desire to learn grew strong.  It seemed like a natural progression to go back to school and get my MBA.  My program is an every other Saturday schedule.

So far, the best thing about the program is all of the practical information I have received.  I learned about innovation to improve processes.  My leadership class taught me better interview techniques.  Financial accounting is trying my patience!  I am learning to brand myself and explore opportunities for growth.

My biggest challenge is not the program.  It is finding the time to delve into my studies.  Working full time while pursuing a MBA is a hectic pace. I am learning time management skills.  Most importantly, my career is offering me the opportunity to put what I am learning into practice.  That is the best lesson of all.

Have you thought about getting your MBA?  If you are working full time, do you have tips for fitting it all in?

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