What does your office say about you?

Recently, I moved into a new office at work.  When I relocated to corporate, I moved from another state.  Some people knew me and others had heard about my work.  When I relocated, I wanted to do something different to symbolize who I am.  I thought that if I was going to be in an office all day, I wanted it to represent me.  It had to be bright, fun and different!

I went with hot pink walls, that glowed through the window.  One wall was in a dark plum.  Ballroom dance pictures dotted the walls.  The New York evening pictures of Time Square blended into the purple background.  People literally came to see me because they had heard about my office.

They asked, “Where were my degrees?” Others wanted to know why I would paint everything so bright.  “What’s with the ballroom dance,” they asked.  The answer is simple.  After spending 21 years in scrubs and a mask, I wanted my personality to stand out. This corner of the world represented me.   My hope was that my office would serve as an avenue to meet others.  I wanted people to feel comfortable when they walked in.  Mission accomplished!

Now I sit in an office with white walls.  Everyday it begs me for light, for creativity, for meaning.  Somehow I am stuck.  How do I create something unique and different.  It can’t be what everyone is expecting.  I have grown and changed over the past year.  Once again I am searching for the perfect way to represent me.

What are you doing with your little corner of the world?  When someone walks in do they get a sneak peek into you?  Take some time to put some of your touches throughout.  You are unique, different and interesting.  Sharing a part of you will help you open doorways to commonalities and new relationships.  Send some office ideas my way!

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