What will YOU earn?

There are many reasons for pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA).  My cohort has a wide variety of aspirations.  Some are hoping to advance in their company.  Others are hoping to be courted by a new employer.  A new career field is an option for some.  Others desire international exposure.

I love bedside care.  As a nurse, I knew my work impacted lives of patients and their families.  As I grew in my career, I yearned for the opportunity to reach even more patients.  Work in the corporate side of medicine will extend my reach.  Pursuing a MBA was my next logical step.

mba fun

How will a MBA impact your pocket book?  Earnings are dependent on many factors.  This may include previous experience, field of work, MBA program and other factors.  You may be surprised about the range of earnings for graduates from top MBA schools.  CNN reports the highest earners and those making less than you would expect:  http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2014/01/28/mba-pay-highest-lowest/

How has your planning prepared you for your career growth?  What will YOU earn?

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