Mentoring Monday!!

Wow, today was a magnificent Monday.  Today was mentoring Monday for women in 40 cities across America.  In Tampa, the Tampa Bay Business Journal and Metropolitan Ministries combined for the event.  After some great lectures from local leaders and sponsors, a speaker representing Metropolitan Ministries spoke.  She talked about being homeless and how she is now back on her feet.  It was really moving.


Then the clock began.  We had 5 minutes to sit with a community mentors.  Just five minutes to ask the questions and listen with everything I had.  Wow,  It is hard to believe how much you can learn in 5 minutes!  I sat with 5 mentors in 5 minutes.  I left with years worth of information.

So my question to you is . . .if you only had 5 minutes with your mentor, what would you ask?  Would you remember more?  Even more important . . .if you don’t have a formal mentor–what can you learn from the quick encounters with the leaders you admire?


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