Coaching Thursday

This has been one amazing week!  University of Tampa offers MBA students coaching opportunities.  My coach is specializes in professional coaching and is simply amazing!  She invited me to the coach appreciation dinner at the university.  The coaches are professionals from the community and volunteer their time to spend with a student.  I met so many fascinating people and networked with a multitude of community leaders.   I can’t wait to be a coach and help others when I graduate!




It is a tough job market out there.  Even if you have the skills, what is going to set you apart from others?  How can you develop the unique you that others will want on their team?  Forbes had a great article on coaching and how it can help you:

I was the only student in the group tonight.  Although my heart was racing, I stood up and spoke.  I shared how coaching had already helped me to become more confident and focused.  Of course, I gave my coach and the program director a well-deserved and heartfelt thanks.

How could coaching help you on your path?  I would love you to share your thoughts and comments.


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    Another great one for coaches, teachers and directors. This is what the Master’s Certification program of Voluntary Leadership was all about, at Chapman University in Orange that I graduated from in 1997.
    It is a triple win when you bring out the best potential in someone.

    Paulette L Motzko

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