Engaging your employees

Are you part of a fast growing company?  I am.  In the last three months, one third of my team is new.  Our workload has increased dramatically and change is a regular part of our day.  Although my team has adapted to the challenges, my goal is to engage them and help them enjoy their work.  There are challenges of integrated the new team members within the group and keeping the team motivated to do their job efficiently and enthusiastically.

Forbes has a great article that gives suggestions for engaging team members.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2013/09/23/6-ways-to-make-your-leadership-and-workplace-fun-agImage

My biggest focus now is the first one.  I want my team to test their ideas.  Over half of my team is composed of graduated practical nurses.  I want them to be inquisitive, to challenge themselves and think outside of the box.  If your team members begin to take a genuine interest in their work, not only will they generate new ideas, but they will also become engaged.  Keep it interesting and keep it fun.

Do you have original ideas for employee engagement?  What have you tried that did not work?

Please share your ideas.  Together we can build amazing teams!



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