Make Your Meetings Great!

I have always hated attending meetings.  Although I enjoy the comradery within the group, most of the time it seems that meetings are a lot of talking with little happenings.  I spend approximately one third of every day in meetings!

The last time I was running a meeting, I really looked at the blank stares and lack of engagement in the room.   I swore I would never run meetings that were not fun and informative.  How does this happen???

ImageMy company has come to the rescue with an in house coach.  He explains that running an effective, fun and engaging meeting is an art form.  Start with an agenda, stay on time and involve the attendees.  Ask a question that has to be answered.  Today the question is going to be:  What is the number one goal of this team?  I will make meetings interactive, interesting and informative.  Wish me luck!

Fast Company offers a few fast tips to liven up your meetings:

What do you do to make your meetings great?  Send your solutions my way!


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