All about Bedside to Corporate

Welcome to my journey!  I am an advanced practice nurse and have practiced as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for over 20 years.  My journey started in Michigan but has taken me to Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona and Pennsylvania.  Along the way I have used hypnosis to help patients reduce their anxiety and improve their anesthesia outcomes.  I have held hands, told stories and cried when sharing test results with patients.  My career has been incredible.  Helping one patient at a time, I have made a difference.

Recently, I was tapped on the shoulder to take a corporate role. I love anesthesia and I love my patients.  The question became, will this be a way that I can help more patients?  Corporate was my answer.  I have a team of 18 amazing nurses that I mentor and work with.   Our work helps enrich lives of so many patients.

Join me in my journey of creating a new career in my late 40’s.  I am getting my MBA and learning to use my medical knowledge to create changes in the corporate side of medicine.  My blog will share my experiences, my readings, my MBA path and pearls I learn along the way.  Hope we can take this journey together!




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