Grow your image while working on your MBA

Getting your MBA is just one step in getting ready for your new role after graduation.  There are steps that you can take now to start getting ready.  Let’s talk about Linkedin.  When I was in my graduate nursing program, it was a requirement to create a Linkedin profile.  At that time, I did not understand the importance of sharing your professional information and creating a professional network.

Here is a site that has compiled interesting statistics from Linkedin:

Linkedin is a platform to get you noticed.  It is a vehicle to help you stay connected with friends and business associates. Upcoming blogs will discuss how to use Linkedin to build your business image.  What are your experiences with Linkiedin?



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Why be a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) with a MBA?

Many people ask why I would combine a MBA with my advanced nursing degree.  The answer to me is obvious.  We are in an age in healthcare where multiple mandates are being made by the Affordable Care Act which is changing our delivery models.  Healthcare is now more of a business than ever.  Healthcare facilities are being placed under multiple demands and need to implement changes within their budget.

It seems that some medical schools are also understanding the unnatural marriage between business and medicine.  Some medical schools are offering joint MBAs so that doctors know how running their business will impact their medical practice. In 2011, the New York Times reported on this trend:

According to another more recent report in 2013, approximately 65 medical schools offered a dual MD/MBA program.   Shouldn’t advanced practice nurses consider the same option?  I believe that nurses are in a pivotal role to impact healthcare legislation and cost of healthcare delivery.  What do you think?

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360 Review

If you are like me, I had never heard of a 360 review.  In the last week, I had the opportunity to participate in two separate reviews.  One was part of a leadership course and relatively short.  The second was conducted by the human resources department.  It was quite in depth and had so much useful information.

A 360 is a survey about you and your performance within the organization.  You are rated by direct reports, peers, executive leadership and others within the organization.  The 360 evaluation compares your self-evaluation with how others evaluated you.  The report is intended to help you understand where you currently are and may help you direct your path for the future.

After a brief Google review of 360’s I found that many people believe that they are ineffective.  This report was a good summary:


My boss used as at an opportunity for growth.  That was my hope when I asked for the review.  He gave me great pointers to continue to learn and move forward in my corporate position.  It was also an opportunity for me to see how I have grown in the corporate world the last year.  The review helped encourage me and direct me on my future path.

To do a 360 or not to do a 360.  What are your thoughts?

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What are you waiting for? Take the next step!

Are you at a pivotal point in your career?  Perhaps you have been in a position for a while and realized that it is not for you.  Maybe you are in the right place but afraid to take the next step.


In 2012 Forbes reported that in a recent survey, two thirds of respondents reported that they were not satisfied with their job.  They reported feeling trapped in their current situation and fearful of exploring other options.


Please enjoy this brief 7 minute video that may challenge you to push past that fear and take the next step:

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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What will YOU earn?

There are many reasons for pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA).  My cohort has a wide variety of aspirations.  Some are hoping to advance in their company.  Others are hoping to be courted by a new employer.  A new career field is an option for some.  Others desire international exposure.

I love bedside care.  As a nurse, I knew my work impacted lives of patients and their families.  As I grew in my career, I yearned for the opportunity to reach even more patients.  Work in the corporate side of medicine will extend my reach.  Pursuing a MBA was my next logical step.

mba fun

How will a MBA impact your pocket book?  Earnings are dependent on many factors.  This may include previous experience, field of work, MBA program and other factors.  You may be surprised about the range of earnings for graduates from top MBA schools.  CNN reports the highest earners and those making less than you would expect:

How has your planning prepared you for your career growth?  What will YOU earn?

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What does your office say about you?

Recently, I moved into a new office at work.  When I relocated to corporate, I moved from another state.  Some people knew me and others had heard about my work.  When I relocated, I wanted to do something different to symbolize who I am.  I thought that if I was going to be in an office all day, I wanted it to represent me.  It had to be bright, fun and different!

I went with hot pink walls, that glowed through the window.  One wall was in a dark plum.  Ballroom dance pictures dotted the walls.  The New York evening pictures of Time Square blended into the purple background.  People literally came to see me because they had heard about my office.

They asked, “Where were my degrees?” Others wanted to know why I would paint everything so bright.  “What’s with the ballroom dance,” they asked.  The answer is simple.  After spending 21 years in scrubs and a mask, I wanted my personality to stand out. This corner of the world represented me.   My hope was that my office would serve as an avenue to meet others.  I wanted people to feel comfortable when they walked in.  Mission accomplished!

Now I sit in an office with white walls.  Everyday it begs me for light, for creativity, for meaning.  Somehow I am stuck.  How do I create something unique and different.  It can’t be what everyone is expecting.  I have grown and changed over the past year.  Once again I am searching for the perfect way to represent me.

What are you doing with your little corner of the world?  When someone walks in do they get a sneak peek into you?  Take some time to put some of your touches throughout.  You are unique, different and interesting.  Sharing a part of you will help you open doorways to commonalities and new relationships.  Send some office ideas my way!

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A plan for success

This morning I attended a seminar to improve my management skills.  Every time I have the opportunity to attend one of these events, it is always with excitement!  How can I lead better?  What will make me a better coach?  How can I get the RESULTS I am looking for?

The class was small and a perfect learning environment.  Some of the attendees had attended previous events.  For most of us, it was our first time.

We all brainstormed on what makes a good leader.   As a team, we were successful at listing many attributes.  However, we did not come up with the overall picture of a great manager.  This is someone who gets RESULTS.

We were asked how we would handle a team member that was dealing with an angry client or patient. What would we do to help the employee handle that type of client in the future.  Once again we all brainstormed.  I was then selected to role play the upset team member that was just abused by an angry client.  The role playing was an effective way to see how the team member felt and how the patient felt.  After playing the upset team member, I was asked to role play the team member with the angry client.  Once again, the role playing brought the lesson home.

During the next part of the session we discussed the importance of giving team members a step by step process to handle situations that they typically deal with.  In my case, I developed a step-based approach for how to handle an upset patient.

  1. Listen
  2. Show Empathy
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Restate Problem to show you heard and understood
  5. Present next step and possible resolution
  6. If patient remains upset continue to offer empathy
  7. Offer solution
  8. If unacceptable to patient, refer to team lead or manager

As team members practice a step by step solution, they become more effective at handling difficult situations. It will help them to grow both their skills and their confidence.  Most importantly, patient satisfaction will improve.  Having a plan in place will also help me to become a better coach and leader.

A few hours later I had the opportunity to use this method with one of my team members.  After listening and offering support and encouragement, we role played.  I had her take both the patient and the nursing role.  We went through the situation in a stepwise fashion until she was able to role play the situation confidently.  I am eager to see how her confidence grows as she puts her new skills to use.

What can you do today to help your team members diffuse difficult situations?  Do you have a plan in place that works for you?  I would love to hear your techniques.

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